How to Migrate Phone Numbers From Boost to Sprint

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Boost Mobile is a cell phone service provider and a division of Sprint Nextel. Boost Mobile offers a range of pay-per-use and month-to-month plans designed to free users of contractual obligations. However, for additional benefits and a wider selection of phones, you will likely prefer the main Sprint Wireless brand. Switching is easy and free, since Boost does not charge for cancellation. You can even carry over your Boost number to your new Sprint phone.


Step 1

Pay your bill. Make sure your Boost Mobile account is current.

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Step 2

Contact Sprint to select a plan and phone. Purchase a phone in-store, online or by contacting Sprint.

Step 3

Request to use your existing number when setting up your plan and activating your new Sprint phone. Ask about "migrating numbers" or "number porting." Sprint will contact Boost on your behalf.

Things You'll Need

  • Boost account information

  • Sprint plan

  • Sprint phone

  • Identification


This process may take up to 7 days to complete, during which time your Sprint phone will be given a temporary number.