How to Obtain an Available Cell Phone Number

By April Khan

You can change your telephone number while keeping the same service provider. In some circumstances, you can ask for and receive a number of your own choice within an area code. In other cases, you may have to choose from a list of available numbers given to you by your service provider. There is typically no fee for changing your phone number, although there may be a fee associated with switching providers or plans.

Things You'll Need

  • Prepaid or postpaid phone

Obtaining a Prepaid Number

Step 1

Search to find a wireless provider and plan that suits you. Each provides different rates for a certain number of minutes. Some offer low texting rates, calling rates or Internet data packages, so choose one that is best for you.

Step 2

Contact the wireless company and request the prepaid phone you want. Your wireless provider will mail you the phone, which may come with a SIM card, also called a data chip. If you cannot call your chosen provider, pick a prepaid phone package from a store, online or in a phone shop.

Step 3

Remove the back cover of your phone, take out the battery pack and remove SIM card. Write down the numbers that are printed on this card.

Step 4

Write down the number printed on the sticker under the battery pack; this is called an IME number.

Step 5

Call your wireless provider to register your phone. You will need your address, current contact phone number, date of birth, Social Security number and the SIM and IME numbers.

Step 6

Choose a number. Your wireless provider may offer you the opportunity to choose an area code, or the company may already have a number associated with your new SIM card.

Obtaining a Postpaid Number

Step 1

Contact the wireless company you wish to have as your provider.

Step 2

Choose the postpaid plan you want and the area you want the phone number in.

Step 3

Give the customer service agent your details for the credit check. These details will include your address, name, home phone number, date of birth and Social Security number.

Step 4

Choose the phone number you want. Some phone companies give you a chance to choose your own number and others will just give you whichever number is available in your area.