How to Find a Prepaid Cell Phone Number

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Prepaid SIM card.

Every prepaid account comes with a Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card. A SIM card is a small data chip that contains your account details and various data from your wireless provider. Each SIM card also contains a number that once registered, provides you with a personal phone number. Which phone number you receive will depend on which company you choose and your area of service. Some area codes may not be available at the time of your service, so they will give you an area code for a surrounding city.


Step 1

Choose a new service provider. There are several prepaid companies to choose from such as, T-mobile, Virgin, AT&T and Tracfone. You can choose a service provider by searching online, going into a phone store or calling the wireless provider's customer service line.

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Step 2

Select a phone number. In some instances, when signing up to a prepaid service you'll be able to choose from a list of available cell phone numbers. You'll only be able to do this, if you sign up for the service by phone. If you purchase the SIM card in store or online, once you register the SIM card it will automatically give you a preselected phone number.


Step 3

Choose a handset for your new prepaid package. Your prepaid SIM card may come in a package that includes your cell phone and starter minutes.

Step 4

Write down the numbers that are printed on your SIM card. The SIM card is a small rectangular shaped chip that contains all of your account details for your cell phone.



Step 5

Remove the battery from your cell phone and write down the IMEI number printed on the sticker underneath the battery. You will need these numbers to register your cell phone.

Step 6

Call your wireless provider or go online to register your prepaid SIM card. This will link your SIM card to your name and address. At this point, you will be given your 10-digit cell phone number.


Step 7

Insert the SIM card into the SIM card slot. This is located in the back of your phone near the battery. After inserting the SIM, replace the battery and cover.

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