How to Stop Straight Talk Voice Mail

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Straight Talk is a cellular service provided by TracFone. Checking your voice mail from a landline phone doesn't cost you minutes like it does when you call from your Straight Talk phone. But when you call your voice mail, the greeting automatically starts playing. You can stop the greeting and listen to your voice mail using the phone's keypad.


Step 1

Dial the phone number of your Straight Talk phone.

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Step 2

Press the "*" key on the phone to stop the greeting.

Step 3

Type in the PIN you entered when you originally set up your Straight Talk voice mail, then press the "#" key.


If you want to turn off voice mail entirely, you will need to change your Straight Talk phone number. The voice mailbox is connected to your Straight Talk number and cannot be disabled any other way. To change your number, contact TracFone customer care by calling 877-430-2355.