How to Get a PUK Code to Unblock a Blocked Boost

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The SIM card on a Boost Mobile phone allows you to transfer the number and contact information from one phone to another. The default SIM lock code is 0000, but you can customize the code through the phone menus. If you forget the code and type it in wrong three times, the phone will ask for a Pin Unlocking Key (PUK) code. You must get the PUK from Boost Mobile customer care.


Step 1

Contact Boost Mobile at (866) 402-7366.

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Step 2

Select the option to speak with customer care.

Step 3

Validate your account with the Boost Mobile agent. The agent will ask you to provide a password or other account information.


Step 4

Advise the representative you need a PUK code. The agent will give you the code.


Step 5

Select "Unblock PIN" on your phone and type the PUK code.

Step 6

Enter a new SIM PIN, then re-enter the PIN to confirm. The phone will display "SIM Unlocked."

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