How to Activate a Conference Call in Airtel

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Airtel is an India-based telecommunications company that operates as a cellphone provider in numerous countries around the world. Conference calling is a service included with some plans and an upgrade service on basic plans. Most business-grade phone plans come with conference calling capabilities. The enterprise-class plans have an included audio conference service that uses a unique number and passcode to activate a conference call. Using the service is simple when it is included in your plan, but activating a conference without the built-in service is difficult.


Airtel Audio Conference

Setting up an Airtel conference call with an enterprise account is easy. You need your unique Airtel conference dial-in number, the host passcode and a guest passcode for dial-in participants. Set the desired conference time and invite guests by sharing the phone number and the guest passcode. The guest code is different from the admin code. Always keep your admin code secret to avoid having calls hijacked.

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When guests dial the number and enter the passcode, they hold until you enter the admin code to activate and initiate the call. After you dial the number and join with your passcode, everyone is activated on the call and connected. At this point, you can make the introduction and initiate the call. Latecomers can still dial in and join the active call as well.


Prepaid Service Calls

On prepaid phone plans, you can create a conference through manual dialing. Dial the first number and press "Hold." Dial the second number, press "Link" to connect the call, and press "Hold" again. Dial the third number and press "Link" to connect all parties. Continue as necessary to build the conference call.

Outside Conference Services

Without a business solutions plan from Airtel, conference calling requires an Airtel app and upgrade to make conference calls. As an alternative, you can initiate conference calls by using a third-party service on your Airtel phone with cell service or a Wi-Fi connection. Free conference call apps that make it possible to host calls without an advanced plan are available for Android phones and iPhones.


While a dedicated conference line is professional and streamlined for regular business use, a free app service is fine for calling friends and irregular use. It also offers major cost savings on your phone plan, which is ideal for small businesses and freelance professionals who require the occasional conference call in their business model.

Technical Support

Conference calls can fail due to poor service or a technical issue related to Airtel. If you have an enterprise account and the Airtel audio service does not function properly, it can interrupt your business. Call the Airtel customer service line immediately to prevent future disruptions capable of costing you money through lost business. This is especially important for first meetings and sales-related calls. Disruptions slow the entire workflow and are an issue worth addressing the instant they occur. Call the support number and then test a new call after the issue is deemed resolved.