How to Make a Conference Call on Avaya Phones

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Avaya is a manufacturer of office phone systems, designed specifically for networking and offering such features as voice mail. While the functions of networks may vary, the individual phone usually provides very similar capabilities. One such function is conference calling. Conferencing calling on an Avaya phone only takes a few steps to learn and does not require technical expertise.


Step 1

Pick up the receiver on your phone and call the first party as you normally would, according to the procedures required on your network. Wait for that party to answer your call.

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Step 2

Push the conference call button on your phone and you will hear a dial tone. The system will automatically place your other party on hold.


Step 3

Call the next person you want on the conference call, by dialing his number. Wait until he answers the phone.

Step 4

Push the conference call button a second time to add the second party to the conference call. You may repeat these steps until you connect all parties required for the conference call, up to your network's conference calling capacity.



Step 5

Speak to your parties once connected. Press the "Hold" button to place the conference call on hold to answer an incoming call. Hit the "Hold" button again to place the call on hold and then the "Conference" button to join the new call with the rest of the conference call.




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