How to Delete Voicemail with AT&T

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You can access your AT&T voicemail messages directly gfrom your cell phone or from a landline at anytime. Voicemail messages generally come in if you miss or choose not to answer an incoming call. If your voicemail is full, callers will be unable to leave messages. Removing messages you are no longer interested in frees up the space in your voicemail box.


Step 1

Press the "1" key and press "Send" to access your voicemail. When prompted, enter your password. If you are using a landline, place a call to your wireless number. When you hear the greeting, press the "Star (*)" key, and then enter your password to log into your voicemail account.


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Step 2

Press "1" from the main menu to listen to your messages.

Step 3

Press the "7" key after each voicemail to delete it. Hang up your phone when you finish.





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