How to Make Your Voicemail Box Seem Full

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Leave messages on your own phone to fill up your voicemail box.

Whether you use a cell phone, home phone or office phone, you likely have a voicemail box to capture messages from callers you miss. There might be times when you want to make your mailbox seem full, so no new messages can be sent to the box. This is a useful solution in several scenarios, such as when you are getting a large number of unwanted calls, or if you want to give the impression that you are unavailable. There are two ways to make your box seem full.


Step 1

Do not check your voicemail for new messages for several days or weeks. New voicemail messages will pile up in your inbox, filling it up. When the box is full, new callers will be alerted that your mailbox is full.

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Step 2

Dial your own phone number, regardless of whether you are using a cell phone, house phone or office phone.


Step 3

Let the phone ring and wait for your voicemail system to start.

Step 4

Leave a brief message to yourself. You can say something as simple as "This is the first message I'm leaving to myself." Press "#" and follow the prompts to send the message.


Step 5

Leave messages on your own phone until the system alerts you that the box is full.



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