Can I Check My Voicemail on Another Phone If I Have MetroPCS?

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It's not hard to check your MetroPCS voicemail from another telephone.

Like other cellular service providers, MetroPCS includes an array of calling features, including unlimited local and long distance calling as well as voicemail. You can access your MetroPCS voicemail via your cellphone's keypad and from another phone, including a landline or other cellular phone. All you need to access your voicemail from another phone is your MetroPCS's cellphone number.


Accessing Voicemail

To check your MetroPCS voicemail from another telephone, enter your MetroPCS cellnumber into the other phone's keypad. When you hear your voicemail greeting, press the "*" key on the phone's keypad. Enter your voicemail password then press "1" to play any new messages you may have in your mailbox. Press "1" to replay the current message, press "7" to delete the message," or press "9" to save the message in your mailbox's archive folder. To keep the message as "New" and move to the next message, press the "#" key.


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Specific Features

While listening to a voicemail message, press "1" to rewind the message six seconds back. To fast forward six seconds, press "3." Press "11" to rewind to the message's beginning. To pause the message, press "2." To fast forward to the end of the message, press "33."


Exiting Voice Mail System

To exit the MetroPCS voicemail system, hang up the telephone. To access the system's help files, press "0." Press "*" to go to the system's main menu. To cancel a command while at the main menu, press "#" or press "" once.



If you don't have a unique password for your MetroPCS voicemail, the default password is "9999." You can change the password via the system's main menu once you are in the system. The default password is for temporary purposes only, according to MetroPCS, and you need to change it so others can't access your voicemail account.