How Do I Retrieve Comcast Telephone Messages?

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Comcast's XFINITY phone service includes voice mail functionality so you can check your messages from anywhere at any time, although the exact method for accessing your voice mail account depends on the number from which you're making the call. You can access your Comcast messages via the phone or your Web browser.

Retrieve Messages with Your Phone

Step 1

Dial your home phone number from any telephone. If you're calling from your home phone, you can quick-call the voice mail service by dialing "*99" instead of your full number.

Step 2

Press the "#" key on your phone to interrupt your personal greeting. Enter your pass code when the system prompts you. The system will alert you to new messages and automatically play them in the order they were received.

Step 3

Press "1" to listen to a new messages, "4" to replay a message you've just heard, "7" to delete a message, and "9" to save a message. Press "4" followed by the "*" key to return to the main voice mail message. You can delete, save or replay the message while listening to it; the voice mail system does not require you to listen to the entire message.

Retrieve Messages Online

Step 1

Open XFINITY Connect (see Resources) in your browser, click the "Email" tab and enter your Comcast ID and password. Once logged in to your account, you'll have access to a variety of functions including listening to voice mail. If you have only XFINITY Voice, open XFINITY Connect, select "Voicemail" and then log in. XFINITY Voice users may need to register for Connect before proceeding.

Step 2

Click "Voice and Text" and then select "Voice." This page displays a list of all current messages on your Comcast voice mail account and provides similar options to the phone-based voice mail menu.

Step 3

Select any voice message and click the "Play" button to listen.


XFINITY voice mail service allows for 225 total minutes of messages with individual message limits of three minutes. Messages are saved indefinitely.

If you can't remember your XFINITY voice mail PIN, you can change it by logging in to your XFINITY account online, clicking "Users and Preferences," selecting "Email and Voice Settings" and clicking "Change Voice Mail PIN." Alternatively, dial your voice mail number from your home phone, press "4" to open the Personal Options menu, press "2" to select Administrative Options and then press "1" for Password Change.


Once your voice mail reaches capacity, your callers will no longer be able to leave messages and will instead receive a "mailbox is full" message. Delete some of your old messages to free up space.

Messages played through the Web will use your computer's default audio output channel, making your messages audible to anyone within earshot. Connect a pair of headphones to increase privacy while listening to Web voice mail.