How to Get Into Metro PCS Voicemail

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Access your MetroPCS account's voicemail from any phone.

The Voicemail service of MetroPCS mobile phones provides access to saved and new voicemail on your account, and you can get it from any phone. Once in the voicemail menu, the mobile phone's keypad functions as command keys for fast forwarding, pausing or stopping the currently playing message. In addition to voicemail access, another of the many features of MetroPCS voicemail is the ability to convert voicemail to text, which allows you to read rather than listen to voicemail when necessary.


Step 1

Push "1" on your MetroPCs phone's keypad and push "Send" to dial your account's voicemail. Alternately, dial your cell phone number from an alternate phone and wait until the call goes to voicemail. Press * and enter your voicemail's passcode to gain access to your unheard and saved messages. The default password for your voicemail is 9999.

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Step 2

Press 1 to play a message or 7 to delete the message. Push 9 on your keypad to save the message, or # to save it as a new message and proceed to the following new message.

Step 3

Press 1 while the message is playing to rewind it back six seconds, or 11 to go back to the beginning of the message.


Step 4

Press 2 to pause the voicemail, and press 2 again to restore playback.

Step 5

Press 3 to fast forward six seconds in the voicemail, or press 22 to fast forward to the end. Press 0 on the keypad to get help with your voicemail, including password reset. Press * to return to the previous menu, or press ** to go to the main menu of voicemail.



Step 6

Press "End" to exit out of your MetroPCS voicemail.

Step 7

Call *611 from your Metro PCS phone or dial 1-888-8METRO8 from an alternate phone to add the Voicemail to Text feature to your mobile plan. The add-on feature is $3.00 extra per month, automatically charged to your mobile bill until you remove it. Once you add it, voicemail is automatically converted to text messages and sent to your mobile phone within one minute.

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