How to Tell If Someone Blocked Your Cell Phone Number

By Heidi Rasmussen

Blocking a phone number is very easy to do. If someone annoys you, or if you're just in a bad mood, all it usually takes is a few taps to banish someone forever to voicemail. However, you shouldn't assume the worst just because you get an automated message a couple of times. While this isn't an exact science, you can usually determine if your number was blocked or not with just a bit of detective work and some patience.

Step 1

Call the number from your phone. Listen to how many times the phone rings. If the phone rings three or four times, your friend may be ignoring you, but he isn't blocking you. If you hear a single ring, or no ring at all, your number may have been blocked.

Step 2

Listen carefully to the message. If you were blocked from an iPhone's blocking feature, for example, your call goes to voicemail after a ring or a half-ring. If you were blocked from a cellular service like Verizon or AT&T, you will get a generic message like, "The subscriber you are trying to reach is not available at this time.” On the other hand, if the line disconnects without any message, your friend probably didn't block you. It's more likely that he's having problems with his phone.

Step 3

Call from another phone immediately after calling from your own phone. If your friend's phone rings a different number of times before you a message, there's a good chance that your number was blocked. If you get the same number of rings and the same message, or if your friend picks up, your number may not have been blocked. He may have been on another call or his phone may not have been getting a signal.

Step 4

Send a text message if you're trying to call someone's cellphone. Write something like, "Hey, I've been trying to call you." If your number was blocked, your friend won't receive the message. If he responds, then you know you aren't blocked.

Step 5

Contact your friend some other way. Try calling him at another number if you know it. You can also try an email, a Facebook message, or ask a mutual friend to talk to him. Let him know that you were trying to contact him. You'll quickly know from his response, whether you were blocked or not. If he ignores your messages, your suspicions about being blocked were probably right.

Tips & Warnings

  • Even if your number was blocked, sometimes it does happen by accident. Someone may want to block a telemarketer, for example, and select the number beside it by mistake. On an iPhone, all it takes is a single tap on the wrong button to block a good friend without even realizing it.