How Can I Get My Voicemail Password Reset for T-Mobile if I Forgot It?

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Press a few buttons, and you can reset your voicemail password on your T-Mobile account.

Resetting the password for your T-Mobile phone voicemail can be done easily by keying in the proper code to activate a default password until you can change it to the desired password later.


Step 1

Reset your voicemail password for your T-Mobile phone to the password default which is the last four digits of your T-Mobile number by going to the home screen your telephone and keying in #793# or #PWD#.

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Step 2

Press the green phone button.


Step 3

Then press the OK button to send your request.

Step 4

Wait for a text confirmation message from T-Mobile, which should arrive within seconds.


Step 5

Proceed to your voicemail messages by typing in the last four digits of your T-Mobile number to access your voicemail.

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