How to Check Home Voicemail From Another Phone

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Checking voicemail

Voicemail is a convenient feature that you must subscribe to through your home phone service provider. It eliminates the need for an answering machine, and you can check your voicemail no matter where in the world you are. Most home phone service providers use the same method for checking voicemail, and this method is comprised of just a few simple steps. If you have problems checking voicemail with these instructions, check with your personal phone service provider.


Step 1

Dial your home number from another land-line phone or cell phone.

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Step 2

Press the * (star) key as soon as your voicemail message begins.

Step 3

Listen for the prompt that tells you to enter your password. Your password is set through your phone service provider. If you do not remember your voicemail password, you must contact their customer service department to retrieve it or set another one.


Step 4

Enter your password. You will be given your voicemail messages.

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