How to Dial International Toll-Free Numbers

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Dial international toll-free numbers using an exit code and country code.

Toll-free numbers are free calls because the receiving party–typically a business–pays for the call. International calls are expensive, so many owners of toll-free numbers choose to block access from international callers (you have to call the regular, non-toll free number instead). One exception is a number that is a Universal International Freephone Number. These numbers have a separate country code (800) and allow you to dial the number toll free from any country in the world. For regular toll-free numbers, you have a few options to try to make your call.


Step 1

Check to see if the number is a Universal International Freephone Number (the owner of the number should state this). If it is, then you can dial it directly. Dial your country's exit code. For example, the exit code in the United States is 011. Dial the freephone country number (800) and then the telephone number. For example, calling from the United States, you would dial 011-800-XXXX-XXXX.


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Step 2

Sign up for service with Sipbroker, Voipbuster, or Skype. Once you have signed up, you can dial toll-free numbers from abroad. Each provider has different standards for dialing. For example, to dial a toll-free number from Skype, type the country code and then the number after the plus sign.


Step 3

Buy a calling card and dial the closest toll-free access number listed on the card. After you have dialed the pin number, you can call toll-free numbers. For example, to call the United States, dial 1 (the country code) then the toll free number. If you are in the United States and you want to dial out to another country, dial the exit code (011) and then the number.




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