Why Does it Say "Number Unassigned" When People Call My Boost Mobile Phone?

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If you know who is calling, you know when to answer and when to decline; but phone numbers coming up as unassigned on your caller ID makes it impossible to tell who is calling. An unassigned number could be intentional or you could have a problem with your phone or Boost Mobile service.

Blocked Numbers

Some callers block their phone number from appearing on a caller ID. When you receive a call from a blocked number, you do not see the area code, phone number or name of the person calling. Instead, a message such as "number unavailable" or "number unassigned" will appear on your cellphone's caller ID. Boost Mobile cannot prevent callers with blocked phone numbers from contacting you.


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Caller ID Errors

The caller ID on your Boost Mobile cellphone has a few errors. For example, missed calls may not appear on your missed call list. Incoming calls may also appear as "caller unassigned" on occasion. When the error occurs, the phone number generally appears under the number unassigned warning. This can happen if you are out of Boost Mobile's network range or due to a hardware issue with the handset itself.



While you cannot prevent all caller ID glitches from occurring on your cellphone, you can reduce the amount of number unassigned calls you receive by adding phone numbers to your handset's internal address book. By assigning a contact name to a phone number, the person's name will appear on your caller ID when she calls you.



Seeking Help

If caller ID errors happen frequently when you receive incoming calls, a Boost Mobile customer service representative can help you isolate the problem and troubleshoot your handset. The customer service representative can help you in person at a Boost Mobile retail center, over the phone or via email. You can contact Boost Mobile through the Boost Mobile Customer Care website.




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