How to Identify the Number I'm Calling From

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Call the Automatic Number Announcement Circuit to find out the phone number from which you're calling.

Sometimes, you have to make a phone call when you are out in public. If you do not own a cell phone,you will have no choice but to have to call from a public pay phone. Some of these phones do not have a number listed on them, and some do, but occasionally, the number will be scratched out from deterioration or even vandals. If you have to make a call and need someone to call you back immediately, you will need to know the phone number. Locating the number is easier than you might think.


Step 1

Call the ANAC, or Automatic Number Announcement Circuit. This is a special phone number used by telephone company technicians to determine phone numbers. There are several numbers you can call, depending on your area, including (800) 444-0800, (800) 444-2222, (800) 444-3333, (800) 444-4444 and (800) 444-5555.


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Step 2

Write down the number the automated help desk gives you. This will help you to give the phone number to the person you want to call you back.

Step 3

Hang up the phone. Pick the receiver back up and dial the number you just received from the automated message. Wait to hear a busy signal. This is just to ensure that you were indeed given the correct number.





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