How to Trace a Phone Number in the UK

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Technology makes it easy to trace a phone number in the U.K.

Anyone in the United Kingdom can trace a phone number thanks to the sophisticated technology of companies dedicated to finding the origin of a phone number. Many, but not all, phone tracing companies require a fee. Most are easy to use.


Step 1

Write down the entire phone number that you want to trace. You must know the land code for the number. The country code for the United Kingdom is +44.

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Step 2

Visit a free online mobile phone directory. is an online directory that has a special section specifically for phone numbers that originate from the United Kingdom. Simply enter a phone number, and the directory will show you information from its database.


Step 3

Register with a mobile phone tracing company. A few companies work specifically with mobile phones. For example, allows you to trace mobile phone numbers in the United Kingdom. You will have to pay a monthly fee to use the service.


Step 4

Use a landline phone-tracing company if the phone number doesn't originate from a mobile phone. Investigative Resources can trace landlines from many countries, including the United Kingdom. The company guarantees confidentiality and sets up all payments through PayPal.




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