How to Unblock Someone From Texting You

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Unblock cell phone numbers to receive text messages instantly.

Text messaging on cell phones is expensive if you do not have a text-messaging plan in place. Activating a text-messaging plan allows you to receive unlimited text messages on your phone. Blocking numbers from sending you text messages in the past means you need to unblock the cell phone numbers to receive their text messages in the future. Unblocking cell phone numbers from sending a text message to your phone is a task any individual can accomplish with her own cell phone.


Step 1

Write down the number of the individual you want to unblock from sending you text messaging. Obtain this number from the person directly, or from past phone records.

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Step 2

Open up the text-messaging option on your cell phone. This is done by clicking the "Menu" and "Messaging" option on your cell phone, followed by selecting "New Message."


Step 3

Type the number "9999" in the "To:" box. This is the text-messaging number for customer service, which allows you to block and unblock numbers instantly from sending you text messages.


Step 4

Type "Unblock" followed by the phone number of the individual in the body of the message. For example, if you are unblocking 5552221212, type "unblock 5552221212" in the body of the message.


Step 5

Click the "send" button to send the message to customer service. You will receive a response message from the 9999 customer service number that verifies the number was unblocked.




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