How to Trace a Tracfone Number

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How to Trace a Tracfone Number
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You might want to trace a cell-phone number for a variety of reasons: to determine the identity or business behind the number, to locate the physical address or area of the number, or to determine the carrier the number is on. Tracfones are prepaid cell phones and can be difficult or even impossible to trace. But a few options exist on the Internet that may improve your chances.

Step 1

Locate reverse cell phone look-up services online. (See Resources for some options.) These websites offer free basic information on traceable numbers, as well as premium services that can give a detailed list of information about the owner of the cell-phone number. At the very least, these services may provide you with a general location or area of the cell phone.

Step 2

Purchase a full report. If the reverse cell phone look up service indicates that no more information is available, you can purchase that report. Keep in mind that many prepaid phones, including Tracfones, do not require the user to register the phone or provide personal information, as minutes are purchased anonymously.

Step 3

Contact the local police if the person using the Tracfone number is harassing you, making threats or spamming your phone. At the very least, this can alert authorities to the number being used, and if there is a credible threat to your safety, the authorities may contact Tracfone and ask for whatever information they may have on that particular number.

Through investigation, they may be able to uncover where and when the number was purchased and attempt to determine who purchased the number.

This level of investigation into the number's origins is likely to only occur in situations in which threats have been made from the number.


Report abusive, harassing or threatening messages or phone calls to the proper authorities.