How to Search for a Metro PCS Number

How to Search for a Metro PCS Number
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The Metro PCS cellular service can trace its history back to 1994, when the company was first established under the moniker "General Wireless, Inc." Since then, this communications company has amassed a subscriber base numbering well into the millions. Beginning in 2013, Metro PCS initiated a reverse merge with T-Mobile. Since then, a rebranding has occurred and the service is now referred to strictly as "Metro." Getting started with your Metro PCS phone number search can be accomplished quickly and easily.


On a technical level, Metro PCS phone numbers are no different than phone numbers assigned by other cellular carriers. You can search for a Metro PCS number using some of the more popular online services, such as reverse phone number lookup.

Metro PCS Phone Number Basics

If you are looking for a Metro PCS phone number belonging to a friend, family member, colleague or just about anyone else, you can use a variety of services to find this information. Generally speaking, phone numbers that have been assigned through the Metro PCS service either before or after the merger are no different than any cellular number provided by their competitors. With that in mind, these phone numbers can be researched and located using as variety of conventional tools.

Perhaps the first important consideration that must be explored is whether or not you are trying to retrace a number that has called you previously. In some situations, you may have received a call from a number marked as "private." Creating an anonymous call such as this is a common practice, which can be accomplished by dialing *67 before inputting the recipient's phone number.

If you have received a call such as this and are attempting to trace its origin, you may be somewhat frustrated by your options. Although some services exist that allow you to redial and trace the number, these are commonly reserved for situations where harassment or stalking is occurring. That being said, you can use the common *69 service to redial the private number. Depending upon your particular phone service, you may or may not be able to receive the actual phone number that called you in this situation.

Looking Up a Phone Number

If you have received a call from a publicly listed number, and you are curious as to who is associated with that number, you will have several options available to you. Many services are available online today, which offer a reverse phone number lookup. Using these services, you should be able to input the number that called you and then receive the identifying information associated with it.

It is important to note, however, that many of these services will require you to pay a small subscription fee to gain access to this information. With that in mind, you should weigh your options carefully in order to ensure that the information you are interested in obtaining is actually worth paying for.

Additional Options to Consider

One of the most popular and enduring phone number lookup services is the WhitePages. Although the WhitePages were first available as a print directory many years ago, this platform has since been transferred to an online portal that offers reverse phone number services. However, WhitePages does require users to pay a subscription fee to access some content.

Although it may be a long shot, you can also search for the phone number directly using a major search engine to see if any results come up with the identifying information you are looking for.

Although Metro PCS customer service cannot help you locate an individual number, they may be able to provide you with additional resources for other questions you have.