How to Search for a Metro PCS Number

By David Ferris

Based in Texas, Metro PCS is a relatively new company, having been established in 1996. People who want to search for a Metro PCS number have several options. Although cell phone numbers aren't typically listed in phone directories, it may be possible to locate a number.

Step 1

Submit a subpoena for the information. Cell phone providers may release private data upon receipt of a valid subpoena or other official legal request. Subpoenas are sometimes served by law enforcement agencies, courts and other entities to obtain information associated with a particular account. Though there must be a compelling legal reason for such a request, it is one possible avenue to search for a Metro PCS number. Subpoenas are mailed to Legal Department or Subpoena Compliance Department, Metro PCS, Custodian of Records, 2250 Lakeside Blvd, Richardson, TX 75082.

Step 2

Search an online phone number directory. Some websites focus in particular on cell phone listings. If you know the name of the individual, you may be able to obtain his Metro PCS number. Conversely, you can also do a reverse search whereby you plug in the Metro PCS number and see which individuals or businesses are connected to that number.

Step 3

Enter the Metro PCS number into an online search engine. The search may yield websites that match the number and offer identifying information about who is registered to the number is registered.