How to Change an Email Password in Sympatico

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Quickly change your Sympatico email password.

Sympatico was the name originally given to Bell Canada's residential internet service. Known as Bell Internet since the summer of 2008, the service is affiliated with Microsoft's MSN product and provides dial-up, broadband DSL, and portable wireless connections, in addition to email accounts and personal storage services. Once you know where to log into your account, changing your Sympatico email password is a quick task.


Step 1

Open a Web browser window. Because your Bell Internet account is associated with MSN, you must sign into the MSN Account Services website (see "Resources" section for link).

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Step 2

Enter your email address and current password in the corresponding fields and click "Sign in."


Step 3

Click the "Account information" or "Credentials" link.

Step 4

Click the "Change your password" link.

Step 5

Enter your current password in the "Old password" field.


Step 6

Enter the replacement password in both the "New password" and "Retype new password" fields.


Step 7

Click "Continue."

Step 8

Select a question from the corresponding drop-down menu.


Step 9

Enter your answer to the question in the "Secret answer" field.

Step 10

Click "Continue." Your Sympatico email password changes successfully.

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