How to Change Your Email on Craigslist

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Keeping your Craigslist email address current is very important. Like most users of the classifieds site, you probably use email as your preferred point of contact in your ads. You can change your email address if you have a registered Craigslist account. When you update your email address, you will also need to enter a new password to verify and complete the change.


Step 1

Click "My account." If you are not yet signed in, enter your user name and password. When you are signed in, click "Settings" at the top of the page.

Step 2

Click "Change" next to your email address.

Step 3

Enter the new email address you want to use in the first input box. Reenter the same address in the second input box.

Step 4

Click "Submit New Email Address." Craigslist will send you a confirmation to the new address from You will be asked to click a link and submit a new password.


Step 5

Check your email and ensure that the link is an authentic Craigslist address starting with "" Click the link and set a new password for your account.


Before you sign in, read the warning about fake Craigslist log-in pages on the log-in page. Check your browser's location bar to ensure that you are at "" before you sign in with your current email address and password.


Verify that you are in a genuine Craigslist page before you enter your email address and/or password.