How to Change a Password on Zyxel

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Secure your wireless network with a unique password. This prevents anyone nearby from using your wireless Internet service, whether it be your neighbors glomming onto your paid service or hackers looking to access your information. If you feel your security is compromised or you haven't changed the password on your Zyxel router, use the Web Configurator to change your password.


Step 1

Open an Internet browser window and type "" in the URL text field.

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Step 2

Enter your username and password to log into the Web Configurator.

Step 3

Click "Management" in the left navigation pane. Click "Access Control." Click "Logins" in the main screen.


Step 4

Enter your old password in the "Old Password" text field. Enter your new password in the "New Password" text field and re-enter it in the "Retype to Confirm" text field.

Step 5

Click "Apply."


If you are setting up your Zyxel router for the first time, the default username is “admin” and the default password is “1234.” After you enter the defaults, the program takes you through the Setup Wizard, where you change your username and password.