How to Locate a Boost Phone Number

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Find a cell phone number using an online directory.

Boost Mobile is a wireless carrier that provides pre-paid cell phone service to subscribers. If someone you know has a Boost phone, you may find it a challenge to locate their phone number as there is no national cell phone directory. Utilizing an online directory may help you to find the number, especially if the person you are trying to contact has posted their phone number in a public location.


Step 1

Type the person's name into a search engine. Sometimes their number will show up with a simple internet search. If you don't find the number, gather as much information about the person as you can, such as friends, acquaintances and workplaces.

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Step 2

Use the information you gathered in Step 1 to locate the person or the person's friends on social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, or Linkedin. Send the person or the person's friends a message--make sure to state who you are and why you need their Boost phone number so the people you are contacting can verify with the person that they can give out their phone number.


Step 3

Use an online phone directory such as Cell Phone Registry, MyLife, or Intelius (see Resources) to locate the person's number. While Boost mobile doesn't make their information publicly available, these online directories compile a database from millions of difference web resources like social networking sites, personal blogs and user forms. There is usually a fee for locating a cell phone number. As of November, 2010 the fees range from about $10 to $50.




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