How to Send Text Messaging From a Computer to a US Cellular Cell Phone

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Send email to a US Cellular cell phone.

You may be charged for every text message you send from your cell phone to a US Cellular phone number. This can get expensive, especially if you are having a long conversation with the US Cellular customer via text messages. One way to avoid these fees is to send text messages to the cell phone via email. Sending messages from your email account to a US Cellular number is free of charge and allows you to receive responses from that person.


Step 1

Sign into a work or personal email account.

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Step 2

Enter the US Cellular phone number inside of the "To" or "Recipient" box on the web page. The digits in the US Cellular number should all run together without any spaces or dashes (e.g., 0909900909).


Step 3

Type the phrase "" immediately after the US Cellular number (e.g., "[email protected]").


Step 4

Click in the message box on the email page and type in the text message you want to send to the US Cellular phone number.

Step 5

Click "Send." The text message will be sent to the entered US Cellular number.

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