How to Block a Phone Number From Texting You on Your Boost Mobile

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Receiving unwanted text messages on a Boost Mobile phone can be a real problem because the company charges for text messages whether you read them or not. If you are getting text messages from a specific number, you can block the messages by sending a special text message to the number "9999."


Step 1

Open the text messaging editor on your phone. It's usually on the main menu of the phone under "Text Messages" or "SMS."

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Step 2

Create a new text message, and set the recipient as "9999."


Step 3

Type the word "block" in the body of the message, followed by a space and the 10-digit number of the phone you want to keep from texting you.


Step 4

Send the message.

Step 5

Wait for a confirmation text message from Boost Mobile letting you know the block was successful.

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