How to Report an Obscene Text Message on a Cell Phone

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Reporting obscene text messages is a good preventative to ensure that you will not receive them again.

Receiving obscene text messages on your cellular phone can be very upsetting and simply annoying at the very least. Unfortunately, on most phones, there is no simple way to block incoming obscene text messages, especially if they are coming from an unknown number. Some carriers will allow you to block incoming text messages by adjusting your plan settings in your online account, and this option is certainly worth investigating. However, if you do not have a carrier that allows you to do this, there are a few steps that you can take to ensure that you not only block the obscene texts, but also properly report them to ensure that the obscene texting does not occur again. It is important to save the obscene text in order to show it to the right authorities.


Step 1

Contact your cellular phone carrier. To do this, either call the customer service number or go into your local branch. Explain and report the situation. Inquire about blocking the text messages.

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Step 2

File a police report at your local police department. If you can trace the origin of the text message (either the city or even the person they are coming from), you can also call the police department that has local jurisdiction where the perpitrator is texting from.



Step 3

Inform your local police department if the obscene text messages continue to be sent to you. The texts that you are receiving could qualify as harassment and further action should be pursued by your local police department.




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