How Can I Check My Cell Phone Records for Free?

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Accessing your cell phone records is a way to check the phone calls you send and receive every month. The records provide the phone numbers, if the call was incoming or outgoing, the date and time of each call, and the duration of the call. It is fairly easy to access your cell phone records no matter what type of phone you have or the service provider that you use. The cell phone provider gives you three different options for checking the phone records for free.


Step 1

Check your monthly cell phone bill sent from your provider. Included with the bill is a detailed list of your cell phone activity for the billing month, along with the current month's charges. The last few pages of the bill shows your cell phone charge history.

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Step 2

Sign-in to your account on the cell phone service provider's website. Register an online account at the service provider's website. The site will send your password to your cell phone in a text message. Use this password and the username you set up in the registration or your cell phone number to log-in to the site. Click on the link that says "Billing and Payment" or just "Billing". From there, click on "Call History" to view your cell phone records.



Step 3

Call your service provider and request your cell phone records. You can even give them a time frame for when you want the recorded printed. For instance, you can request they send you cell phone records for the past six months. They will mail out a printed list of your calls and you should receive them in a few days.



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