How to Locate Cell Phone Call History Records on a Pre-Paid Phone

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Sometimes you might want to locate a cell phone's call history. For instance, if you are afraid that somebody is using your phone without your consent, or if you want to keep an eye on your spouse's cell phone activities. Although almost every modern handset allows you to check the call logs internally, they are easily deleted on the phone. For this reason, you can check the call log by contacting your carrier. Keep in mind that you will need the cell phone's account number as well as password for getting hold of this information.


Step 1

Go to the "Menu" on your phone. Select "Log" or "Calls." Here you will see "Missed Calls," "Received Calls" or "Dialed Numbers." You can select any of these and see the call history record of the phone. The menu options may vary slightly depending on your phone model.


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Step 2

Log in to your prepaid phone account on your carrier's website. On your account page, you will be able to access call history records of your cell phone, including outgoing and incoming calls. If you can't find the call log on your account page see the next step.

Step 3

Call the customer services department of your cellular company, if you do not have an online account with the company. Ask the company rep to provide you with the call history record. You may have to disclose some personal information, such as social security number to verify that the number rightfully belongs to you. The record will then be emailed to you.





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