How to Find Someone's Cell Phone Records

By ZahilyPeraza

Searching someone's cell phone records is a difficult task usually reserved for the police or legal procedures when an attorney requests a subpoena from a judge. This is possible in criminal and divorce cases. However, different software applications, or spyware, can be legally purchased that will either provide a list of the person's phone use or provide the ability to listen to the person's conversations.

Things You'll Need

  • Internet access with email capability
  • Cell phone
  • Other person's cell phone number and information
  • Credit card or other method of payment

Step 1 is one website that sells software that will allow a person to listen to someone's cell phone conversations and read his text messages. The software does not have to be installed in the person's cell phone, and the person will not know the phone is being tracked.

Step 2 is another website that sells software that provides a list of phone calls made and received. This software allows calls through the person's cell phone without any traces or installations into his cell phone.

Step 3

When records are required for civil or criminal cases, a consultation with an attorney is recommended. Many states do not allow phone records or recorded conversations in court without the other person's consent and would consider this an illegal activity punishable by law.

Step 4

Another viable option for court cases is to hire a private investigator who will legally search the other person's phone records. Certain courts will allow records when brought in by a private investigator. One example would be, which services all states.

Tips & Warnings

  • Do not change your behavior before initiating a phone record search. This may tip off the other person, and he will change his habits.
  • The person who is being spied may become angry upon learning that his cell phone is being tracked. Use as needed and, if concerned for your safety, do not confront the person alone.