How to Look Up the Deleted History of Dialed Calls on My TracFone

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TracFone is a prepaid mobile phone service that provides basic phone features such as talk, text and Web access. Each TracFone allows you to view a record of your last 30 incoming and outgoing calls. Once the call history is deleted, there is no way to retrieve the history on your phone again. TracFone offers an online My Account portal. However, your call history is not available through this feature. The only way to receive a detailed copy of your dialed call history is through the mail.


Step 1

Create a written document titled "Notarized Letter to Request Copy of Call Detail Records."

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Step 2

Include, in the document, the full legal name that appears on your TracFone account, along with your TracFone telephone number and mailing address. You do not have to state a reason for requesting your call history.


Step 3

Remove the battery from your TracFone. Underneath the battery are the ESN, IMEI and MEID numbers. Include these numbers in your written request.

Step 4

Take a picture of the back of your phone, displaying the ESN, IMEI and MEID numbers. Attach this picture to your written request.


Step 5

Take the written request to a notary public to have it notarized.


Step 6

Mail or fax your notarized request and picture to TracFone's Subpoena Compliance division. Upon receipt of your request, TracFone will contact you to confirm your request.


TracFone Wireless, Inc. Subpoena Compliance 9700 NW 112th Ave. Miami, FL 33178

Fax: 866-809-7134

Step 7

Wait to receive a copy of your call history. It can take up to 30 days to receive your detailed report.

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