How to Send an SMS to Taiwan

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Sending an SMS message to Taiwan is an easy and convenient way to communicate with your friends and family from North America.

Many cell phone users would like to have the option of sending a message to friends and family living in Taiwan. An easy way to do this is by sending an SMS message, also known as a text message. These messages are best suited to brief communication. Like email, text messages do not convey tone well, so care is needed when composing to make sure your original intention of your message is not misunderstood.


International SMS messages

Step 1

Open your text-messaging menu in your cell phone.

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Step 2

Dial Taiwan cell phone numbers by entering the following in the recipient field of your text messaging screen:


011 (U.S. exit code) + 886 (Taiwan's country code) + 9# + #### ###

Step 3

Utilize one of the many international text-messaging websites to send a message to the cell phone number of your contact. The input method of the recipient's number may vary from site to site, so follow the instructions carefully. There may or may not be a charge associated with this service.





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