Communication Technology Pros and Cons

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Communication technology refers to electronic communication, like cell phones, social networking websites, and email. The effect of communication technology on the communication process is plentiful. Some of these effects are positive, while others are negative.


Pro - Accessibility

Communication technology has created many electronic communication tools. These electronic communication tools have made the world a more connected place.

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Con - Nonverbal Communication

In face to face communication, nonverbal communication, like facial expressions and body language, reinforces your message. Communication technology does not allow for nonverbal communication.


Pro - Mass Communication

Electronic communication, especially email, makes sharing information with a large group of people easy. Many businesses and academic institutions use electronic communication to send information to a large number of people.


Con - Digital Divide

Not everyone has the same level of expertise with communication technology. The difference in communication technology skills within groups of people is known as the digital divide.



Pro- Social Relief

People who are socially awkward in person can interact easier with others through electronic communication. Chat rooms, online forums, and dating websites are among the technology which can relieve the socially awkward.


Con - Laziness

Communication technology creates laziness for some people. People who use electronic communication to talk to somebody in the same room are displaying lazy behavior.




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