How to Embed Animated GIFs in Lotus Notes Mail

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Brighten up Lotus Notes email messages by embedding an animated GIF.

Adding an animated GIF file to an email is an effective way to display brief movie clips or animated logos in a format with a relatively small file size. Lotus Notes allows you to embed in email messages many image file types, including animated GIFs. To embed an animated GIF image in the main body of a Lotus Notes email message, use the program's Create tool.


Step 1

Launch Lotus Notes.

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Step 2

Click "New" button in the main menu. Select "Message" from the pull-down menu to open a new Lotus Notes email message.

Step 3

Type the email addresses of the message recipients into the "To" and "Input" boxes. Type the text for the email message into the main message body. Click inside the message body at the insertion location for the animated GIF.


Step 4

Click "Create" in the toolbar above the email message. Click on the "Picture" option and then choose "GIF" from the pull-down menu. Go to the folder location of the animated GIF that you want to embed in the email. Click and highlight the file. Click the "Import" button to add the animated GIF.


Step 5

Click the "Send" button to send your email message with the animated GIF to the selected contacts.

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