How to Send an Email With a Picture Attachment

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Quickly send email messages with attached pictures.

All modern email programs allow you to attach files to outgoing messages. This helps you to easily distribute a wide range of content, from word-processing files and spreadsheets to illustrations and pictures, without uploading it to a website or FTP server. Whether you use a desktop application (e.g., Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird) or a Web-based service (e.g., Gmail, Hotmail), adding an image file or any other document to an email is a very quick process once you know where to look.


Step 1

Open your email program, or navigate to the Web-based service that manages your email messages.

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Step 2

Provide your user name and password if prompted.

Step 3

Navigate to your email inbox.


Step 4

Click the icon or link labeled "New" or "New Message".

Step 5

Enter the recipient's email address in the "To" field.

Step 6

Enter a brief description of the message in the "Subject" field.


Step 7

Type the content of your message in the large field directly below the "Subject" line.


Step 8

Click the icon or link resembling a paper clip, found near the top of the message window. This item may additionally be labeled "Attach", "Attach a file", "Add attachment" or something similar.


Step 9

Use the resulting file window to locate the picture you want to attach. Double-click the icon of the picture file to attach it to your message.

Step 10

Click the "Send" button to send your message and the attached picture.

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