How to Create an Animated Email Signature

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Easily create an animated email signature.

Creating an animated email signature requires approximately the same set of steps as creating a standard email signature. In addition, you will just need to create an animated GIF (graphics interchange format) and insert it into your signature like you would a static image.


Note that not all email clients or programs support the use of animated GIFs in email signatures. If your email client permits this type of personalization, you can easily add an animated GIF to your email signature.

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Step 1

Create an animated GIF using a graphical editing program like Photoshop. Create the GIF in layers, with each layer slightly different to represent the changes in the image that you want to see as part of the animation. Use the animation palette in Photoshop or the equivalent functionality in your graphics editing software to put the layers in the correct sequence and create the animation.


Alternately, obtain a free, existing animated GIF or purchase one online. Make sure you have permission to use any animated GIF you obtain online.

Step 2

Save the file locally, either to your hard drive or to your network. Name the animated GIF file in such a way that you will recognize it later when you have to locate it again. Save it in a folder where you typically store other images, if possible, to avoid confusion over where to look for the image later.


Step 3

Locate the portion of your email client where you can add or edit an email signature. Look for this area under an "Options", "Mail Format" or "Account Settings" menu, depending upon the terminology that your email provider uses. Find the option to change your email signature and launch the editor.



Step 4

Fill in the rest of the email signature you want to create (for example, your name and address). Look for a way to insert an image into the signature using an "Insert Image" link or icon. Try right-clicking in the editing box to see if you get a menu with an "Insert Image" option.


Step 5

Browse to the image you saved on your hard drive or local network and select the animated GIF. Hit "OK", "Save" or the equivalent command, depending upon your email client. Verify that the animated image now appears in your email signature. Save your changes and exit the editor.



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