How to Make a Conference Call From a Landline

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Making a conference call does not require software.

A conference call allows more than one called party to participate. During a conference call from a land-line phone, all callers are able to interact with one another freely. Making a conference call saves you the time of relaying information between two parties. Depending on your land-line phone provider, there may be a charge for placing a conference call. You do not need any special software to make a conference call.


Step 1

Pick up your land-line phone and press the "Talk" or "Flash" button. Listen for the dial tone.

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Step 2

Dial the number of the first person. Wait for the person to answer the call. Inform the person you need to place him on hold.


Step 3

Press the "Talk" or "Flash" button on the phone and dial the number of the second person. Wait for the person to answer.


Step 4

Press the "Talk" or "Flash" button again. All callers should be connected on the conference call.




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