How to Make a Conference Call on an NEC Series Phone

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You may find the NEC series phone systems at college campuses, businesses and offices across the nation. The NEC series offers an easy-to-use interface with many features and functions you can use to make calls and keep track of communications. One of those functions is limited conference-calling capabilities, allowing you to converse with two additional people at the same time.


Step 1

Call the first person your want to have on the conference call. If you are calling a line outside your office, dial "9" first to reach an outside line.

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Step 2

Ask the person you have called to hold once he picks up, and let him know you will conference in the third party. Press the "TRF" button, to place him on hold; you will now hear a dial tone.


Step 3

Dial the number of the third person you want to join on the conference call. When that person answers, press the "CNF" button to conference her in with the other party and begin the three-way conversation.


Step 4

Hang up the phone to disconnect the conference call.




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