How to Send SMS to India From the United States

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SMS technology allows people to receive messages on-the-go.

Short Message Service (SMS) has been one of the major benefits of the rise in mobile technology. It enables users to send text messages to each other's phones. This means that information can be sent directly to someone if they have network coverage anywhere in the world. Mobile phone users in the USA can send SMS messages to Indian receivers by entering the correct country code before the number.


Step 1

Access the mobile phone's SMS function. Type in the content of the message in the text area.

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Step 2

Enter the phone number in India you wish to send the SMS to, in the phone number field. Type "+91" followed by the Indian mobile number, excluding the "0" from the start of the Indian phone number.


Step 3

Click on the "Send" option on the screen. The SMS will then be sent to the Indian recipient.




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