How to Find Out Your Balance on Lebara

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Lebara Mobile is an international prepaid cellphone carrier. They sell prepaid SIM cards to customers in the Netherlands, Australia, Denmark, Spain, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and Germany. Lebara users can find out their remaining balance over the phone, through the phone's menu system, by sending a text message to a special short code or by calling an information number.


Step 1

Compose a text message that includes the terms "Bal" "Balance" or "Credit" and send it to 126 172. Lebara will send you a text message with the current balance.

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Step 2

Open the main menu on your Lebara phone and select "Account." Click the "Balance" option, then enter your six-digit PIN. Follow the directions, and you will receive a text message with your balance information.


Step 3

Log in to your MyLebara account on the Lebara website. Type your phone number or account number in the first box, and your PIN in the second box. Click the "Login" button to access your account.


Step 4

Call 126 123 from your Lebara phone to hear the balance.



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