How to Check a Fido Account Balance

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The My Account app is a free download.
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While your Fido account balance is displayed on your bill every month, you can also check it at any time by dialing a code on your phone's keypad or by logging in to your account on the Fido website. There is even a handy Fido app called My Account that you can download and install for instant access to your balance at any time day or night.


Checking Your Account Balance

The quickest way to check your Fido account balance is by dialing "*225" on your phone's keypad and pressing "Send" or "Call." Your Fido phone automatically uses your account information to retrieve your outstanding balance, which it then displays on your screen.


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You can also view your account balance by visiting the Fido My Account website (link in Resources). Log in using your Fido phone number and password to view your account balance.

Registering an Online Account and Downloading the My Account App

If you're not yet registered to use Fido's online account-management service, visit the My Account page, enter your phone number on the left of the screen under the Register Now heading and click "Continue" to proceed through the automated account-creation steps.



If you have an iOS or Android device, Fido also has a free account-management app you can download (links in Resources). In addition to viewing your account balance, the Fido My Account app enables you to make payments and check airtime, messaging and data usage.



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