How to Install a PBX Phone System

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Your PBX system connects you to others in your building.

PBX is short for "private branch exchange." Businesses typically use this type of private telephone network. Once installed, employees share a certain number of lines to make outside calls. To install a PBX system, you must have the PBX console, along with a telephone cord and plug. Once you install the system, you should test it to ensure it works.


Step 1

Plug the telephone cord into your PBX console in an input that says, "Telephone Line."

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Step 2

Connect the other end into a wall jack. This allows your PBX system to send and receive phone calls.


Step 3

Insert the PBX plug into the console. Plug the other end into the wall outlet. Wait for your PBX system to light up. This lets you know that you have properly installed the system.

Step 4

Pick up the receiver to place a call. Dial the extension or phone number you would like to reach. Wait for the caller to answer on the other end.



Step 5

Wait for the system to ring and light up, which means you have an incoming call. Pick up the receiver and answer the call. You can also press "Intercom" or "Hands Free" to answer the call.




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