How to Hook Up VTech V.Smile to a TV

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The VTech V.Smile is an interactive learning system that functions like a standard cartridge-style video game system. It has a controller and replaceable "Smartridges." The V.Smile can run off an AC adapter or batteries, but -- unlike portable systems -- it has no display. You must connect the V.Smile to your TV set using the audio/video cables connected to the main unit.


Step 1

Turn off the TV and the V.Smile system.

Step 2

Locate the composite audio/video inputs on your TV. Most TVs have the connections on the back, but some have additional connections on the right or left.

Step 3

Plug the yellow connector into the yellow video jack.

Step 4

Plug the red and white audio cables into the red and white coded jacks. If your TV is monaural, use the white connector.


If your TV doesn't have any audio/video connections, you can connect the V.Smile through a VCR or other auxiliary device. Plug the connectors on the V.Smile into the audio/video input jacks on the device.


Test the power source before plugging in the V.Smile. You can use three C batteries or an optional AC adapter.


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