How to Play Video Games on a Portable DVD Player

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Save the movies for the big screen.

A portable DVD player looks like a small laptop computer, except its sole purpose is to play DVD movies. Depending on the device, however, you may be able to connect a video game system to the DVD player's screen, as long as it has a video input. Although not found on all portable DVD players, some do possess this feature. Without it, you cannot connect your video game system.

Step 1

Change out the batteries in your portable DVD player. With the extra power running through the video connection you are going to wear down the batteries faster.

Step 2

Plug the RCA audio/video cables into the "Video Out" port on your video game system.

Step 3

Connect the opposite ends of the cables into the "Video In" connection on the portable DVD player.

Step 4

Power on the video game system and the portable DVD player, then select the "Video input" option on the DVD player. This changes the playback mode from the DVD movie to the connected device, in this case the video game system.

Things You'll Need

  • New batteries

  • RCA audio/video cables

  • Gaming system