How to Get Past a Verizon Block

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If you continue to hear an automated recording when you are trying to reach an individual who uses Verizon telephone services, there is a possibility that your number is being blocked. The automated message will not tell you that your number is being blocked. Instead, the message will indicate that the individual you are trying to reach is not accepting calls. There is no option to leave a voice mail message. In order to get around this kind of Verizon call block, you must use alternative measures.


Step 1

Dial from a different number, other than the number that is blocked. It is likely that the Verizon user only has one number blocked, especially if you have never attempted to call from another number. Calls made from cell phones or from numbers that are outside of the Verizon user's local calling area can not be blocked.


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Step 2

Dial "0" to ask an operator to help you place a "person-to-person" call. Verizon users cannot block operator-assisted calls. When making an operator-assisted call, the operator will dial the Verizon user's telephone number. She will announce your name and the name of the person you are calling for. Whether or not your operator-assisted call works, all depends on whether the individual agrees to speak with you.


Note that there is an extra charge for operator-assisted telephone calls. To find out the exact charge, contact your telephone service provider.

Step 3

Block your number so it comes through as "Unknown" or "Private." This will only work if the Verizon user does not have "Call Intercept" activated, a feature that blocks unknown/private callers. To make your number unknown, dial "*67", followed by the Verizon user's number.


Some smart phones, such as the BlackBerry, include a feature that allows you to set your number to "Private." This is generally done through the phone's setting options. To determine whether this is an option on your phone, refer to the user manual or contact the phone manufacturer.