How to Put a TI30X in Radian Mode

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The TI-30X Pro is a model of scientific calculator produced by Texas Instruments. If you want to calculate the measure of angles in radians, as opposed to degrees and gradians, the calculator can easily be put into "Radian Mode" by pressing the "MODE" button and selecting "RAD" in the menu. For some older models of the TI-30X, there is no "MODE" button. Instead, use the "DRG" button.


Setting to Radian Mode

Turn on the calculator by pressing the "ON" button in the bottom left corner of the device. Then, press the "MODE" button, the second button in the first row, to enter the mode settings of the calculator. Once in the mode menu, you will see "DEG," "RAD" and "GRAD" listed in the first line of the menu. These are the available angle modes. "DEG" is degrees, "RAD" is radians and "GRAD" is gradians. Use the left navigation button, located in the top right of the keypad, to highlight "RAD." Once highlighted, press "Enter," located in the bottom right corner of the device, to select the mode. Press the "2nd" button, located at the top left of the keypad, to exit the mode menu. The device is now in radian mode and ready to use.

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