How to Remove a Casio Calculator in Fix Mode

Casio scientific calculators are capable of displaying answers in exponential notation, scientific notation, or fixed notation. Fixed notation allows the user to specify the number of digits after the decimal point. If the calculator is set to fixed notation, it will always display the specified number of digits. This setting can be useful for rounding answers, but can give inaccurate results if the user doesn't want the answer rounded. Users can switch the calculator's mode using the keypad.

Close up of a calculator
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Step 1

Locate the "Mode" key on the calculator.

Step 2

Press the "Mode" key repeatedly until a menu with "Fix" "Sci" and "Norm" appear on the screen. Each listing has a number underneath.

Step 3

Press the number key under the option you want to select. "Sci" displays results in scientific notation, "Norm" displays results in normal exponential notation.

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