Casio Calculator Secrets

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Most people utilize a calculator for basic functionality, but that is only the tip of the iceberg with Casio calculators. Learning the secrets of the advanced functions on the calculator can give you a leg up when it comes to math examinations or day-to-day problem solving.


Utilize the Ran# button (press "Shift" and ".") in order to generate a random number ranging from zero to one. Create a random integer from the range of zero to "X" by typing "X * Ran#" and pressing the "=" button.


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Display Test

Test the display of your Casio calculator to ensure its functionality by holding "Shift" and "7" and pressing "On." Press "Shift" to start the key test and press every key on the calculator. If the display onscreen increases in value, the key is functional.



Arbitrary Equations

Enter the equation and press "Shift" and "Calc" to execute the "Solve" command. Enter a guess for the variable and press "=". Press "Shift" and "Calc" again to display the answer onscreen.




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